Real Estate Transactions

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real estate transactions

One of the most important resources for real estate professionals and parties to real estate transactions in the San Joaquin Valley is an experienced attorney who can ensure your purchase, sale or lease is completed successfully, without costly delays or disputes. The attorneys at Cuttone & Associates have a combination of legal expertise as well as experience as licensed real estate brokers. This background makes our firm the best choice for any type of real estate transaction. We represent buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, investors, builders/developers, contractors, and lenders, in both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Businesses involved in commercial real estate transactions have a special need for lawyers who can draft purchase contracts, leases, and other agreements, and prepare documents required for regulatory compliance. Typical commercial real estate transactions include:

Purchase and Sale Agreements: Businesses and individual investors require specific and comprehensive contracts to protect their interests in commercial real estate transactions, so the sale will be completed quickly and efficiently with no delays or disputes.
Commercial Lease Agreements: Commercial landlords and tenants typically require more robust contracts than the pre-printed contracts available through real estate trade associations. Often the nature of the parties’ businesses necessitate attorney-drafted contracts to address specific issues and problems unique to the parties. These contracts may be for office, retail, and industrial space.
Agricultural Transactions: The purchase and lease of agricultural land requires an attorney with experience and expertise in agricultural transactions, who can craft well and water sharing agreements, easements and licenses, coordinate environmental inspections and disclosures, and handle production financing documentation, amongst others.
Construction and Development Contracts: For builders, developers, contractors, and investors, the contracts for commercial and residential construction projects must meet the scope, timing and expectations of all parties involved, to prevent costly delays and disputes.
Title Review and Title Insurance: One of the more important legal aspects of commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions is the process of clearing title of any liens or outstanding encumbrances prior to transfer of ownership, and obtaining advice regarding insurance title, once marketable.
Financing and Refinancing: Commercial real estate projects and purchases often require bank or private financing, and the structure of loans or investments can affect ownership rights and recourse for creditors.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

In addition to commercial real estate transactions, Cuttone & Associates is also available to assist our clients with residential transactions. When you use our legal services you receive many benefits that other firms cannot offer including:

  • Experience as licensed real estate brokers, with knowledge of the industry and standard practices for all types of transactions. We stay current with all laws, regulations and local market conditions to give our clients the most comprehensive advice available. Real estate transactions in the San Joaquin Valley require attorneys who have in depth knowledge of this unique area, and we have practiced here, as attorneys and brokers, for many years.
  • Experience with complex transactions such as lease options, seller financing, and dual agency.
  • Personal attention to our select group of clients that enjoy being part of a firm over a period of time, where you are treated with respect and dedication to your real estate needs.
  • Expertise in real estate litigation gives us insight as to where problems may arise during transactions, and we can identify and prevent most potential areas of conflict. In the event there is a problem, we will pursue a remedy for you through various options in alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

Cuttone & Associates: Real Estate Transaction Experts

If you are involved in a transaction that is complex or involves several parties, you want the transaction structured to protect your interests, while ensuring it closes on time and as expected. Our experience will give you the peace of mind that you have skilled attorneys paying attention to every stage of the deal, and can draft all contracts and documents with care while fulfilling all legal requirements.

We will be your representative throughout the transaction, and will advise you on the business and investment aspects, as well as prepare the appropriate documents and resolve all title, ownership and financing issues. Please contact us to discuss your next real estate transaction.