For Real Estate Brokers

As Real Estate Brokers, the Attorneys at Cuttone & Associates Know What it Takes to Support a Brokerage.

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Real estate brokers and agents have specific business and legal needs that can only be understood by attorneys who know and understand what it takes to operate real estate brokerage. Cuttone & Associates is dedicated to offering high quality legal services to brokers and agents in real estate transactions and litigation. The firm’s lawyers have unique backgrounds as licensed real estate brokers, agents, and business owners, that allow us to apply our legal expertise in a way that other law firms cannot match.

Cuttone & Associates appreciates that a brokerage needs answers, training, and advice in a timely manner before a closing is on the line. However, having in house counsel is often too expensive, and other firms too slow, to be a viable option for most small and midsize brokerages. To solve this problem, Cuttone & Associates now offers a unique service for our small and midsize real estate brokers to support their businesses and handle all the legal complexities of a brokerage firm. With these services, our clients are able to have the benefits of corporate in house counsel at a price they can afford.

Cuttone & Associates Legal Service Plans for Brokerages

Cuttone & Associates offers two plans for our broker clients, depending upon their size and needs. Both plans offer the same range of available legal services, but are tailored to the business needs and budget of the individual client. If a client goes over the number of hours allotted under the plan, they will be charged at a reduced hourly rate per hour as outline in the plan. Thus, even if a brokerage finds itself in a particularly challenging month, it will still save money under the chosen plan.

Small Brokerage Plan: This plan offers 15 hours of legal services per month for a flat monthly fee. Considering the number of issues that even a small broker can face in one month, this is a cost effective way to make sure that a brokerage has a knowledgeable attorney on call when they need one.

Midsize Brokerage Plan: This plan increases the number of hours per month to  35. For brokers that do a fair amount of business this amounts to a wise investment and means to address regular legal questions and needs in midsize brokerage.

Legal Services Offered to Brokers

Under both plans you will be able to utilize the services of Cuttone & Associates for any number of your business needs including:

  • Initial risk management assessment
  • Prepare, review and advise regarding transaction documents
  • Counseling regarding real estate commissions, DRE compliance and regulatory matters
  • Provide legal updates at sales meetings to keep the brokerage and agents compliant with California law
  • Provide training regarding new and revised CAR transaction forms twice a year
  • Review closing checklists setting forth required documents for various types of transactions and provide updates as real estate law develops
  • Consultation regarding office policies and procedures
  • Write and respond to routine correspondence
  • Advise regarding client complaints and concerns
  • Advise regarding advertising, MLS rules and regulations and board arbitrations
  • Advise regarding small claims suits for and against all potential parties
  • Memorializing settlements
  • Advise regarding complex transactions such as seller financing, lease options, and dual agency
  • Prepare, review and/or revise listing cancellations
  • Prepare cancellations of real estate purchase agreements in problem transactions
  • Draft documents necessary to consummate real estate transactions
  • Prepare/respond demand letters
  • Work with clients and other parties to resolve disputes as they arise
  • Advise regarding landlord-tenant and/or property management issues
  • Review and advise regarding bank and other brokers’ addendums
  • Advise regarding due diligence
  • Prepare notes, deeds of trust, and other documents
  • Prepare escrow instructions
  • Advise regarding pre-litigation mediation

By selecting one of Cuttone & Associates’s Brokerage Packages, you will have all of the benefits of having your own in house counsel at a fraction of the cost. We can learn and monitor your specific business needs and anticipate what legal and business priorities can be met each month. Even the smallest items will have our full attention, allowing you to focus your attention on your brokerage and what matters most, closing deals. All while having the knowledge and peace of mind that you have the finest legal services for brokers and agents at your disposal. Please get in touch so we can talk about how we can meet your legal needs.