Business Litigation

We Can Offer You a Dedicated Fresno Business Law Attorney That Serves All of San Joaquin Valley.

fresno business law attorneyWhen your business has a contractual or regulatory dispute, the firm of Cuttone & Associates has Fresno business law attorneys to advocate on your behalf.  We will look to solve your problem in the most cost-effective manner.  We are business trial lawyers who know how to prosecute your case to trial, or defend you in any lawsuit.  Using our business acumen and extensive experience, we will give you the best representation possible for your business so you can concentrate on other priorities.

Areas of Business Litigation

Real Estate Litigation:

If you are in the real estate business, Cuttone & Associates is positioned perfectly to help you assert or defend any type of claim.  Our experience as real estate brokers gives us the inside view on potential and actual conflicts in real estate transactions.  We know the laws that control these types of transactions, and understand how to identify the key issues that will determine the outcome of a case.  If you are a broker, developer, contractor, secured lender, landlord, or buyer/seller, we can help you resolve disagreements with other parties to the transaction.  If we cannot negotiate a resolution, we will aggressively litigate your claim or defense in court.

Contract Disputes:

The majority of commercial and business litigation involves non-performance of contract terms and conditions. Every type of business relies on contracts to clearly define the rights and responsibilities of the parties.  When those terms and conditions are violated, we will position your business to hold the other party responsible, or assert affirmative defenses to eliminate or reduce your liability.

Whether a dispute involves a broker, developer, contractor, secured lender, landlord, or buyer/seller, we will evaluate the conflict using sound legal principles of commercial law and contract performance.  In some cases, these disputes can involve significant amounts of money or time.  We will advocate for you in any forum including Federal, Bankruptcy, or State Court.

Regulatory Compliance:

There is no question that California is a highly legislated and highly regulated state.  Businesses must navigate the maze of laws and regulations to operate within the law and remain regulatorily compliant.  That can be a challenge for those in business.  Laws and regulations may pertain to professional licensing, Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) compliance, tax and other reporting, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), land use, environmental regulations or hazards, employee relations, or financial regulations.  If a state or federal agency has brought a claim against you for non-compliance, then we can defend you in the process of investigating and proving that your activities meet applicable standards.

Many of these standards are in place to protect consumers, public safety or other interests, but can also be costly for a business to gain or prove compliance.  We will evaluate the claim and look for ways to show that your business is within the law.  In this way, you may be able to avoid fines, penalties or mandates that can cost you money and interrupt your business.

Consumer Protection:

Cuttone & Associates also has extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending consumer protection claims including: (1) fair debt collection practices; (2) unfair competition and business claims; and (3) one action rule and statutory violations regarding lien foreclosure.

Cuttone & Associates:  We Can Be Your San Joaquin Valley Business Law Attorneys

For most enterprises, reliable legal counsel and aggressive advocacy is part of being in business, as it is difficult to completely avoid disputes.  For those times, you need the very best business attorneys that you can find, and Cuttone & Associates has the experienced and skilled business attorneys necessary to handle the job.  Our extensive background in business transactions and court trials makes us the perfect ally for any business.

We offer an initial one-hour consultation for $285 that will give you an honest evaluation of your case and a specific action plan to pursue any claims that you may have, or defend against any claims brought against you.  In this way you will know the potential outcomes and estimated costs of the case.  We are serious about giving your business the quality representation that you require to succeed in a complex marketplace.  Our methods include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and if necessary, litigation in court.  Please contact us to schedule a consultation, and become one of our business clients.