Business Transactions

The Attorneys at Cuttone & Associates Are Extremely Skilled Business Transactions Lawyers.

business transaction lawyersAll types of businesses rely on legal transactions to ensure that complex agreements are understood and all parties are protected. If you are entering contracts, leases and financing arrangements, you need experienced business transaction lawyers to prepare the documents for your projects. The law firm of Cuttone & Associates has the background in business, real estate and contracts to negotiate and draft your business documents for any transaction. We represent all types of corporations and businesses to structure their agreements in real estate, investment and commerce.

Our extensive work in litigation has shown us that the best way to avoid legal conflicts is a well prepared written agreement, that details the rights and duties of all parties to the contract. We will represent your business interests in crafting an agreement that brings you the outcome that you need. Whether you are a broker, developer, entrepreneur or established business, we can handle any type of transaction for you.

Areas of Business Transaction Practice

Business Entity Formation:

For a flat fee, we will form your corporation, LLC, partnership, or other business entity. This includes determining which business entity is most appropriate for you, drafting formation documents, and filing with the appropriate government agency. We will also prepare agreements between shareholders, members, and partners, when necessary.

Corporate Formalities and Compliance:

Once your business entity is formed, you will need to comply and maintain compliance with the California Secretary of State and likely other federal, state, and local agencies, especially your business’s licensing agency. You will also need to observe corporate formalities by holding and appropriately documenting meetings, and appropriately documenting other corporate actions. We will advise you regarding all necessary formalities and compliance, and draft all appropriate documents. Your business needs a good transactional lawyer to succeed.

Real Estate Purchase Agreements:

The purchase and sale of real estate often requires customized and specific contracts that structure the transaction according to the parties’ understanding. We rarely use standard purchase agreements, and often instead draft each contract to meet our client’s unique objectives.

Commercial and Residential Leases:

Leases agreements for both commercial and residential real estate must reflect the business interests of the landlord in protecting their investment, and ensure a fair return. Commercial leases are especially vulnerable to breach or non-performance, and we include necessary and appropriate terms and conditions for any eventuality.

Business Financing Agreements:

Both new and established businesses may have a need for outside financing for capital needs and expansion. We can help you identify the types of financing available, and then structure the loan in a way that allows your business to manage and grow its success.

Construction and Development Contracts:

The transactions for a new development or construction project may involve multiple parties, including contractors, investors, developers and financing sources. By using a comprehensive approach, a contract can be written that specifies the payment and performance expected at every stage, as well as remedies for delay or inaction.

The Importance of the Business Agreement

The business transaction lawyers at Cuttone & Associates understand the needs of businesses from our many years of experience in law, real estate and business development and management. It is important for a business to be able to rely on the agreements and transactions to effectively structure any type of project. Even simple elements such as title review, inspections or financing can be a problem if the transaction is not handled by an attorney with experience.

Our goal is to help you conclude your business deals in a way that is both profitable and prevents any unforeseen future conflicts. In the event of non-performance or payments issues, your agreement will have provisions that protects you and offers remedies.

As a client of Cuttone & Associates you will receive personal attention and dedicated legal service, just as if we were your in-house legal counsel. We will include you in every step of the transaction and offer you our advice on any options presented. We have been in business in the San Joaquin Valley for many years, and intimately understand the economic climate.

As our client, you will benefit from this experience and avoid the costs and time of unnecessary litigation. Let us help you with all of your business transactions, and we can begin with an initial consultation for $285 where you will receive a specific action plan to demonstrate how to meet your business and contractual goals.