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Our Fresno Real Estate Law Firm Can Also Help with Other Legal Matters.

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Cuttone & Associates is a Fresno real estate law firm offering the highest quality legal services to clients in the San Joaquin Valley. Using our experience as real estate brokers, our firm’s attorneys approach their practice with a deep understanding of how real estate transactions need to be structured for their clients in a demanding business. Serving developers, brokers, insurers and contractors, our firm focuses on several specific areas of expertise. These practice areas represent our knowledge of real estate law as well as business transactions and litigation.

Real Estate Transactions

Our experience in residential and commercial real estate can give you the edge you need in a competitive business, including preparing leases, purchase and sale agreements and construction contracts. All of these areas require an attorney who understands how the real estate business functions, and our experience as licensed brokers gives us the insight needed to make your transaction a success. We can help you resolve disputes and close more transactions with our extensive experience.

Real Estate Litigation

Not every real estate transaction has a happy ending. In the event of a dispute, we have the litigation experience to pursue a remedy for our clients. Sometimes leases or contracts are not performed as agreed, or there are other problems regarding land use, zoning or other regulatory barriers to completing a project. We can take your case to the right venue and will use mediation, arbitration or litigation to resolve the dispute favorably.

Service Plans for Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers have an ongoing need for legal counsel in their business and Cuttone & Associates offer brokers two different service plans based on a fixed number of hours per month. Under each plan, a broker can utilize our years of real estate and legal experience for all aspects of their business. In this way, brokers can be sure that they are serving their clients and fulfilling their fiduciary duty. Similar to having dedicated corporate counsel, our legal service plans can give you continual advice and oversight so that you can concentrate on your business and navigate the pitfalls you will surely face.

Landlord and Tenant Law

Preparing residential and commercial leases and managing properties is an essential element of the rental business. Our understanding of California landlord and tenant law will give you the assurance that your lease agreements are structured to protect your valuable property interests. In the event of tenant disputes, we can aid you in finding a solution that preserves your rights and restores the landlord-tenant relationship. Relying on form lease agreements or attempting to negotiate lease terms without legal counsel is often problematic. We are prepared to help you manage your rental business.

Business Litigation

Conflicts and disputes in business transactions are common, and it is important to address any performance or payment issues right away to avoid lost time and revenue. If you have a business of any type then we want to be your ally in restoring any contract breach with your business vendors and customers. We prefer to use alternative dispute resolution methods in our practice to minimize costs, but will not hesitate to litigate your claim if necessary. Sometimes, litigation is the only means to obtain a satisfactory result, and we will use our experience as trial lawyers to advocate your position in court.

Cuttone & Associates: A Leading Fresno Real Estate Law Firm

Cuttone & Associates is available to meet all of your real estate law needs, and we will rely on our many years experience in the real estate field to give you the expert legal counsel that you require. We focus on real estate and business practice so that we are continually aware of developments in the law that affect our clients. If you are in need of a dedicated law firm to handle your real estate transactions or disputes, then we are ready to include you in our group of select clients. Please get in touch so that we can give you our honest evaluation and plan of action to initiate the client relationship.